Job Placement


Job Placement

At The Pride Institute, our commitment to our program participants doesn’t end with training and education. We understand that securing a rewarding job is a vital step towards independence and integration. That’s why we have a dedicated Job Placement program to help our participants transition into the healthcare workforce.

Our Service

Our Job Placement program connects program graduates with hospitals and healthcare facilities looking for skilled nursing professionals. We work closely with our network of healthcare partners to identify opportunities that align with the skills and aspirations of our participants.

Guidance and Support

Our experienced career counselors provide personalized guidance throughout the job search process. From creating a compelling resume and preparing for interviews, to understanding employment contracts, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Internships and Training Positions

We also facilitate internships and training positions, offering practical on-the-job experience and a chance to apply the skills learned during training in a real-world setting. These opportunities often serve as a stepping stone towards permanent employment.

Committed to Your Success

At The Pride Institute, we believe in providing holistic support, and our Job Placement program reflects this belief. We’re committed to ensuring our participants not only receive top-notch education and training, but also the support they need to transition successfully into rewarding careers in the healthcare industry.